YouTube Debut with HairWonderfulDay

YouTube Debut with HairWonderfulDay

Through blogging and social media I’ve been lucky to meet so many amazing bloggers and scientists over the past few years! I’ve been extremely lucky to meet fellow blogger and PhD scientist Laura from HairWonderfulDay, an inspirational hair scientist and fabulous friend who not only shares my passion for communicating the science behind beauty products, but we’re also on the same wavelength when it comes to taking photos and living the #bloggerlife 😉 A while ago we had grand plans of running our own Science of Beauty live event which we were devastated never happened as we worked so well together!


Recently Laura has started her own YouTube channel in which she breaks down the ‘dusty scientist’ stereotype by chatting naturally with the audience and sharing her science knowledge about her favourite hair products and haircare tips in an approachable way. As someone with terrible dry, frizzy hair I love checking in weekly to learn as much as I can about improving the condition of my hair! You should definitely check it out if you haven’t already!


I was so excited when Laura suggested that we shoot some videos together and we had so much fun shooting and I hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as we enjoyed making them! In the first video we chat about the science in some of our favourite beauty products and in the second, I test Laura’s knowledge on some common beauty myths. Please check out the two videos below and subscribe to Laura’s blog and channel if you want to learn more about the science in your hair routine as well as being inspired by such as awesome #WomeninScience!!

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the videos!