Coolest Women in STEM on Instagram

Coolest Women in STEM on Instagram

My name is Sophie and I am an Instagramoholic. There, I said it. But you know what? I’m loving every second of my addiction! I turn to Instagram when I’m bored, when I’m in need of inspiration, when I’m feeling anxious and stuck in my own negative thoughts, when I don’t know what to wear and mostly when I want to connect with people just like me.

When I first started Instagram I mostly followed fashion bloggers and really struggled with how cool and glam their lives were when I’m stuck in the lab every day. But by regularly searching #womeninstem, #womeninscience, #phdstudent (amongst others) I started to see that Instagram is FULL of cool women in STEM who are taking pictures of their work and their lives and showing that the life of a scientist IS cool. They have inspired me to embrace the science in my life and display it alongside my blogging and lifestyle pictures on my feed. Previously I wouldn’t have bothered showing the science side because science (especially in laboratories!) is often messy and, I thought, not very visual. How wrong I was! Together we can show the social-media savvy next generation that science is cool, science is for everyone and that you can still do science and be true to your own style.

Coolest #WomeninSTEM

Having recently made over my Instagram theme (it’s a work in progress but check it out! @sciencebeaut) and posting photos that are more true to my life, rather than the photos I think I should be posting to be a good blogger, I’m enjoying Instagram more than ever! I LOVE that my feed is full of women in STEM who inspire me every time I log on, and by displaying the scientific and PhD side of my own life I hope to be able to do the same to others. There are SOOOO many accounts to bring to your attention but in the interest of time here are just a few that you really NEED to be following…


2016-08-15 20.29.33 (1)

Jess is a Biochemistry PhD student (like me!) who’s Instagram feed is 100% gorgeous! Pictures of her stylish outfits and observations from city life in Toronto sit seamlessly next to perfect laboratory flatlays which could have come straight out of a magazine. Except they didn’t, they came out of a lab proving that science can be stylish! Check out her blog which is equally as gorgeous!


2016-08-15 20.28.41

Sage is the ultimate cool tech girl. She is ALWAYS attending awesome tech events (which look SO fun and you can read about fully on her blog) and looking fabulous while she’s there. Definitely breaking the techie stereotype!


2016-08-15 20.27.49

Monica is a developer by day but loves to travel as the name suggests. Her feed is full of shots from her travels alongside tech flatlays and glam selfies; will give you serious wanderlust!


2016-08-15 20.26.53

Andrea has a PhD in maths and as well as having one of the most glamorous Instagram accounts you’ll ever see it’s also one of the most useful for young people trying to get into STEM. The caption for each photo lists an internship opportunity, a conference or an interesting paper with links on where to find them. Genius idea!


2016-08-15 20.25.45

Estefannie is a software engineer with a love of fashion. Her Instagram feed shows her adventures in the tech world and the awesome gadgets she tests out. Looks like so much fun!


2016-08-15 20.24.42

This has to be the coolest coder account out there! thecodeness makes being a coder look like the coolest job in the world with a bright and trendy account which details the ups and downs of the job. Makes me wish I knew more about code!

So what are you waiting for?? Go follow! If you’ve enjoyed this post please let me know because I’m really tempted to make this a more regular feature on the blog to share the #womeninstem Instagram love!