True North Cosmetics: The Skincare

True North Cosmetics: The Skincare

If you read the first post in this True North Cosmetics feature then you’ll remember that I tested their state-of-the-art skin analysis system with company founder Jan which helped to diagnose areas of my skin which needed attention and where I could improve my anti-aging skincare routine. After my one-to-one consultation I was handed a selection of True North Cosmetics skincare products (available at Harvey Nichols) which Jan recommended to address some of the issues of dryness and enlarged pores picked up by the machine. I have been putting them to the test over the last couple of weeks and I’ve been a huge fan, here’s how I got on with the True North Cosmetics skincare regime…

The face regime has 4 parts, all of which complement each other perfectly in texture and scent. I’ve come to really enjoy taking the time for myself every morning and evening to look after my skin and I’ve definitely been noticing a difference in how my skin looks and feels.

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True North De-stressed Milk 1.1, £28.00

I often use cleansers which are quite harsh on skin and leave my skin feeling tight and dry; by contrast the True North Milk was extremely gentle and I must say I’m a convert! I always thought that milk cleansers would somehow be less efficient but I loved how soft my skin felt after using it and it was just as effective at removing traces of makeup and oils. The milk smells gorgeous and you only need a fairly small amount on a cotton pad to be effective, so the bottle lasts a while. It contains lots of moisturising ingredients including sunflower seed oil, vitamin E and caprylic triglycerides. The Destressed cleanser also contains soybean isoflavones which have been shown to have anti-photoaging effects, protecting skin from UV damage (however we can’t be certain how effective this effect would be after the cleanser has been washed off).


True North De-stressed Tonic 1.2, £28.00

I have a confession – I don’t ever use toners, I never really saw the point in them. However I can honestly say that after using the Destressed Tonic from True North I’m hooked! The smell is simply divine, as with the milk, and leaves skin feeling soft and a little tighter as a perfect base for makeup application. As you know I’m currently writing my thesis from home and don’t usually wear makeup in the week; I have oily skin and without makeup the oil builds up on my face throughout the day. As an afternoon break I like to wipe the toner across my face to make it feel fresher and help me feel more awake if I’m lagging 😉 It contains hyaluronic acid which has amazing moisturising properties as well as saccharide isomerate, which leave the skin feeling hydrated despite the toner’s alcohol content (this is perfectly normal for a toner –  the alcohols help it dry quickly on the skin). The De-stressed toner also contains Aloe vera which leaves skin feeling cool and soothed after use. I can’t get enough of it!


True North De-stressed Serum 4.1, £62.00

The De-stressed Serum has a gorgeous silky texture which spreads easily and cools the skin. It is packed full of moisturising ingredients, as you would expect, and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth down to the lower layers of the skin. The serum claims to reduce the appearance of age spots and brighten the skin; these properties will be down to the niacinamide, one of my favourite anti-aging ingredients which has had proven skin-brightening effects. The texture of my skin after use feels smooth and not at all greasy, sometimes I delay applying moisturiser in the morning because I love the feel!

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True North De-stressed Night Cream 3.1, £58.00

I would usually expect the texture of a night cream to be thick and heavy, packed with moisturising ingredients that you wouldn’t want sitting under a layer of makeup. The True North night cream is packed full of moisturising agents, which you can feel from first touch, but instead of having a thick, gloopy texture the cream is almost solid, more like a body butter. At first I felt like I couldn’t get enough of it on my fingers to apply but then realised that a little goes a long way and a quick swipe of the cream goes a long way on the face. It is super-easy to spread and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturising without being too greasy.

The main ingredient (after water) is dicaprylyl ether, an oil based moisturiser which hydrates skin and forms a barrier on the skin surface preventing moisture loss. The similar-sounding dicaprylyl carbonate is another moisturiser which has a bonus of helping other ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. The cream claims to contain ‘A blend of botanical stem cells and extracts that reinforces the extracellular matrix and skin cell DNA for firmer skin’ – this isn’t quite right… As far as I can tell Opuntia ficus-indica stem extract doesn’t contain stem cells, or at least not live ones (because as any scientist who has tried to culture those things will know that they die if you so much as breathe on them, there’s no way they would survive!) and has been shown to have antioxidant, free radical-scavenging properties which could be useful in preventing signs of aging (I think this is what they mean by reinforcing DNA, see reference below) BUT I could find no clear evidence of any benefits on cell matrix. it certainly isn’t doing any harm anyway, and the product on the whole is wonderful and leaves my skin feeling super-soft by the time I wake up. This hydration lasts throughout the next day too.


True North Moisturising Body Lotion 8.1, £25

This body lotion has become my firm post-shower favourite! It comes in a handy pump-top bottle which is great for keeping on hand in your bathroom and applying liberally all over. I particularly like to use this on my decolletage and on my legs after shaving, especially before going out in a nice dress – it’s not just in summer that we should treat our skin! Two of the main ingredients are prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, otherwise known as almond oil, and shea butter which have great moisturising properties and is perfect for use all over the body. It also contains soothing aloe vera again which is perfect for cooling the skin after shaving. Would definitely recommend this body lotion and it would also make a great Christmas gift!


True North Protective Lip Balm SPF 50, £10.00

There is nothing more essential in a winter skincare regime than a good lip balm to protect against the cold. This is especially true if, like me, you’re into snow sports*! This Protective Lip Balm has super-high SPF properties which give the highest level of UV protection whether you’re up on the mountain or shopping around town. The sun protection content does lead to lips looking a bit white, but it also sits well under a lipstick so win-win! A must-have in your winter handbag!

* True North also have a range of mountain skincare with high SPF protection so check them out if you are heading to the slopes this winter!

As you can probably gather I am a huge fan of the True North Cosmetics skincare range and I’ll be saving up my pennies for when my products here run out! Since using the products I have seen such a huge improvement in the condition of my skin in both look and feel. I now feel confident enough to go out and about without makeup on and if I do wear makeup my skin is smooth and application is easy. I’d love to repeat the skin analysis test to see if there has been any improvement in deep hydration and wrinkles! Have you tried any True North Cosmetics skincare products?

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