Spring '17 trends I'm loving

Spring ’17 trends I’m loving

I must admit, I’m a much bigger fan of winter fashions than I am of summer fashions. Give me a sharp jacket and boots over flimsy dresses and flip flops any day! It’s been a number of years since I’ve really got on board with spring trends; I don’t suit pastel shades and it’s very rare that I like a floral print (Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking…), but this year has been very different!

Maybe it’s because I’ve become a sweatpant-wearing, thesis-writing hermit, and shopping has become my greatest joy in life, but I’m really enjoying the trends that are in the shops this season! If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know that I’m planning a big post-PhD roadtrip around France (5 weeks  to go!!) and going shopping for the perfect capsule wardrobe has been my favourite thesis distraction. So here are my favourite trends this spring which will be taking me from my holiday through to the summer and (hopefully!) starting a job…




Super-romantic and feminine, with a touch of Italian flamboyance, ruffles are everywhere! You’ll find them on shirts, on jackets, even down the outer hems of trousers. I’ve bought a number of shirts which feature ruffles either on the shoulders or across the front which are perfect for adding texture to a plain outfit or to bring interest to a work outfit under a jacket. H&M is ROCKING this trend with some amazing shirts in a range of colours and prints; I particularly like this black one and I’ve worn it so much since I bought it!


Mule loafers

As a die-hard heel wearer I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but I’m loving the Gucci-style, backless loafers with the horse bit cross bar that are everywhere. I hate summer shoes and don’t own a pair of ballet flats or flip flops; maybe it’s because I hate getting my toes out, but I’ve always struggled with shoes for the summer. Perhaps it’s because the loafers are closed in at the toe and from the front look like a full shoe but I’m really embracing this trend and have bought a gorgeous embroidered pair (which are amazing Gucci dupes!) from River Island, which come in a range of colours and embellishments. I’m finding them really easy to style and I have to admit that they are really comfy; I can’t wait to wear them with these wide-leg 3/4 length trousers in the warmer weather!

IMG_20170222_173930 (1)


As hinted at above, I’m also loving the embroidery trend, it’s everywhere! You’ll find it on jeans, shirts, bags, shoes, jackets, underwear; just about anywhere! Whilst there are loads of gorgeous pieces out there on the high street (I’m loving New Look, where I bought the top pictured in the sale) I’m trying to stop myself from going overboard with the purchases as I think it has to be used in moderation in any given outfit and I suspect it’s going to be a trend which burns out quickly.


Neck scarf

For years I’ve had an obsession with Paris and have long been sporting a neck scarf so I’m not sure whether I’m glad that this trend has come back around or whether I’m annoyed that everyone is stealing my style 😉 either way, there’s lots of gorgeous little scarves out there which, as well as giving you that certain je ne sais quoi, keep you a little warmer through the spring when a woolly scarf is too much.

So that’s what I’ll be wearing this season, make sure you’re following my Instagram to see more of what I’m wearing for the winter/spring, PhD/real-world transition and on my French adventure! Hopefully I’ll get to actually get some shots of me actually wearing these once this awful weather clears up and my weekends are free from the thesis! What do you think of the trends this season? Would you like to see more fashion posts on The Scientific Beauty in the future?