L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask

L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask

I’ve never really been one for clay face masks. They remind me too much of pre-teen sleepovers, chatting about boys you were pretending to like with your friends, doing cheapo clay masks (you know the ones) to get rid of spots to appeal more to those boys you were pretending to like whilst simultaneously stuffing your crusty face with as many sweets as you could, causing more spots than the mask could ever hope to cure. Just me? Maybe. Needless to say I surprised even myself when I caved in to the L’Oreal Pure Clay mask hype as they were on offer in Boots. But what surprised me even more was how much I loved the way my skin felt and looked after using it. My regard for clay face masks has skyrocketed from near nothing to being one of my firm favourite products. After a tough day I now can’t wait to get home, remove all traces of makeup and smear the thick clay all over my face, knowing how amazing my skin will feel afterwards…


But before the science and the praise I have a bone to pick with L’Oreal; I opted for the black mask (they also come in green and red) which is marketed as a ‘detox’ mask which ‘detoxifies’ and ‘clarifies’ skin. I cannot emphasise this point enough; there is no such thing as a detox product or a detox diet or a detox juice or a detox anything. That’s not how science works I’m afraid. When you ingest toxins, such as from alcohol or perhaps a course of antibiotics, the toxins get broken down in your liver, that’s your liver’s job. Your liver pushes the broken down toxins into your bloodstream which get filtered out in your kidneys and pushed into your bladder where you WEE THEM OUT. Your body doesn’t need any help doing this (unless maybe you have a serious alcohol problem) and in any case toxins don’t build up anywhere, certainly not in your skin, and even if they did no face product is going to help you wee them out any more efficiently. That’s the equivalent of getting pregnant and deciding to birth the child out of your nose instead of the usual channel. Science doesn’t work like that.

So now that the rant is over we can get back to business. If we take the name of the product as nothing more than a marketing ploy and focus on the actual mask itself what we’ve got is a powerful little product that can really help us oily girls out with managing the shine.


The star ingredient in this product is koalin clay. This is made up mostly of a natural clay mineral kaolinite and has lots of interesting properties which can be an oily skin saviour! Not only does it have oil-absorbing properties but it actually reduces production of sebum in the first place. You can feel the tightness and mattness on your skin long after the mask has been washed away; this could however be drying so those with drier skin may need to watch out. For those with oily skin this helps keep shine at bay throughout the next days after using the mask.


The two other clays that this L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox mask contains are ghassoul and montmorillonite. I could find lots of ‘wellness’ websites claiming these were ‘powerful healing clays’ but I could find no definitive information on the properties of these apart from them having abrasive properties which are great at removing dead skin cellsΒ and leaving skin smooth and bright. What more could you want? Don’t get too caught up in magical properties πŸ˜‰


So all in all I would 100% recommend this L’Oreal Pure Clay mask, in fact I’ll be going out to buy the other 2 masks in the range too. It leaves my skin feeling wonderful, smooth and clear every time! Have you tried these Pure Clay masks? What did you think?