Kiko Milano Skin Trainer CC Blur

Kiko Milano Skin Trainer CC Blur

As a beauty addict I couldn’t come away from a recent trip to Milan, Italian fashion capital, without picking something up from Kiko Milano flagship store. Milan is such a beautiful city and I adored exploring it for the day; can’t wait to return one day for a longer visit! As it was summer and the weather there was so hot I opted for a primer, Kiko Milano Skin Trainer CC Blur (£19.95), which would hopefully keep my makeup in place for the rest of my holiday…


The Kiko Milano Skin Trainer CC Blur promises to smooth the skin and even out complexion and skin tone, minimising imperfections. It comes in a range of colours to suit all skin tones, naturally I went for number 1, the palest colour. When you apply it (smooth it over your skin, don’t vigorously rub it in!) you can feel how it glides onto your skin. It is packed full of silicones which literally put a layer on the skin surface to smooth out imperfections and fill in pores. Silicones, I hear you all gasp, aren’t they the devil?? There are lots of scaremongering stories out there about silicones but you’ll only really come into any difficulties if you have super-dry skin as you may find it even more drying. But for us oily-skinned girls, who arguably need a primer the most to stop makeup sliding off, silicones are perfect! Bye-bye moon-crater pores 😉


The product also contains humectants such as talc which draw in moisture and will soak up any excess oil throughout the day, helping your makeup to last through the heat! Hyaluronic acid is also included in the mix; this is most often used as a moisturising agent as it draws in water and hydrates the skin, but I suspect in this case, as the product doesn’t get into the skin layers and just sits on top, that the HA is there to soak up extra moisture that makes it to the surface. Again, handy if you have oil issues or on a sticky day but perhaps not if you already have dry skin.

Overall I would definitely recommend this product if you’re looking to get the most out of your makeup during the last of the summer (ha!), I love how easy makeup application is afterwards and it really helps avoid shine!

And here are a few pics from Milan… 😉

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