Foundation Face Off: Rimmel 25 Hour vs L'Oreal Infallible

Foundation Face Off: Rimmel 25 Hour vs L’Oreal Infallible

Here on The Scientific Beauty I am dedicated to bringing you the truth about which beauty products really work.  As an oily skin kind of girl the product I absolutely could not live without is foundation, however that ‘flawless skin’ that I apply in the morning will almost certainly vanish by lunchtime unless I use those hardcore foundations advertised as ‘indestructible’. There are many high end versions of these foundations but in this post I am going to be putting to the test two high street brands – Rimmel 25 hour foundation and L’Oreal Infallible foundation. I know that both of these are excellent on a day-to-day basis and can even withstand the Manchester rain but which is really the best? To find out I have been putting the two to the ultimate test here on location in the Austrian Alps where they have faced the toughest of terrains and harshest of weather conditions to see which one will come out victorious. So, which is better? There’s only one way to find out…..let the battle commence!

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First up on the starting gate, the old favourite: Rimmel 25 Hour foundation. As an experienced skiier who does not fall over, this foundation has served me well on the mountain in the past. However this year it will be facing a whole new challenge – having made the switch from the safety of skis to having my feet strapped to a board like a toy soldier the chances of my face hitting the snow whilst hurtling down the side of a mountain have increased dramatically…

From the starting gun this foundation performs well, applying smoothly to the face without becoming patchy and giving flawless coverage. Its only weakness for me is the colour**; even at ‘True Ivory’, the palest available by Rimmel, it is just too dark on my pasty face. Up onto the mountains Rimmel 25 Hour foundation stays firmly on track despite many-a-faceplant, the most intense blizzard at the top of the chair lift and excessive goggle-wearing due to the harsh conditions. Its SPF 25 is a hidden talent which prevents my face from getting any sunburn in the thin mountain air, saving me from having to resort to Dad’s gooey factor 50, always a bonus! At the finish line, the Apres ski bar (Jagermeister please!), Rimmel 25 hour foundation looks almost as good as when it was applied, save for my usual shine on the cheeks and a little patchy on my nose from wiping and sniffling. A good run from the reigning champion who sits in the gold medal enclosure to wait out it’s competitors run…

Rimmel 25 Hour Before

Rimmel 25 Hour Before

...and After

…and After (hair couldn’t cope clearly!)

Second up the new challenger; L’Oreal Infallible 24 hour foundation. Can it beat Rimmel’s outstanding slopestyle performance? From the offset it is most impressive; the 015 Porcelain colour is perfection, gliding over my snow-white cheeks with ease and blending into the neck well, though perhaps sinking a little into the moguls that are my huge oily-skin pores. The stamina of the contender however just cannot live up to that of the champion; on a much milder day on a slope with only enclosed gondola lifts and zero wind, L’Oreal Infallible foundation crumbles at the knees before lunchtime, struggling to hold it together on my cheeks, forehead and nose, allowing shine and patchyness to appear all over my face and sunburn to develop. At the finish line bar I’m wearing my largest, mirrored sunglasses to hide my face in shame. A poor run from what promised to be a strong contender, L’Oreal Infallible failing to complete an entire day and finishing bottom of the table. Rimmel 25 hour foundation takes the gold!

L'Oreal looking strong before...

L’Oreal looking strong before…

...and patchy After!

…and patchy After!

Well this certainly has been an interesting race here in the Austrian Alps this week with Rimmel 25 hour a clear winner! Is there any foundation out there that can knock it off the podium? That’s all from here on location in Austria but if anyone can recommend any challengers that may contend with Rimmel 25 hour foundation then let me know and I shall put it to the test on Manchester’s indoor snow slope when I attempt to learn some freestyle in the coming weeks! Keep riding beauties 😉

** Rimmel 25 hour now comes in Light Porcelain shade which is perfect for paler skin like mine**

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