My Face Journal Skincare Tracker Review

My Face Journal Skincare Tracker Review

With so many skincare products out there promising to fix our skin it can be tricky to nail down what’s working for your skin and what really isn’t. This can be especially tricky for those with sensitive skin or those prone to acne when flare-ups can be caused by any number of products. Similarly, any fellow beauty bloggers out there will know how reviewing and trying different products can cause different effects on skin and it can be tricky to tell what’s caused what. This fab little product could be the answer to your skincare woes: My Face Journal ($5.99).


Created by PhD student Bonnie during the stressful times of her project, My Face Journal is designed to help skincare users keep track on what products are being used and the effects that they are having on skin. The handy-sized journal is great to keep in the bathroom and fill in each day with every product you use and over time you will see patterns emerge. Each page has a picture of a face where you can plot and count any break-outs, as well as space to note the products you used as well as what you might have eaten or whether hormones are having an impact.


I’ve been using The Face Journal for over a month now and have really enjoyed noticing the changes in my skin at different times and with different products. With a large volume of products to review before Christmas this will be a valuable tool for keeping track of what works the best; 100% recommend for beauty bloggers! Although I don’t typically suffer from acne I do get break outs with hormones and when I eat lots of sweets (oops!). The Face Journal is great for keeping track of where spots usually occur and how long they take to disappear, as well as which products helped. For acne sufferers this would be an excellent way to track progress in what I imagine must be a frustrating process. It’s really difficult to remember what you used an when and what your skin was like afterwards so it was great to be able to look back and have it all noted clearly in one place. You can even download a free excel spreadsheet which if you input all of your data for the past month automatically plots it and helps you to visualise what worked best for your skin! Science in action 😉

If you’re really wanting to get on top of your skincare and nail what’s working best for you then The Face Journal is a great way of analysing your habits and triggers. What do you think of The Face Journal? Would you give it a try?

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