Dior DiorShow Pump 'n' Volume Mascara

Dior DiorShow Pump ‘n’ Volume Mascara

While the blogging world might be obsessing over L’Oreal’s newest mascara offering, the best of the best is bringing out the big guns! Dior’s DiorShow mascara has long been revered as the best mascara on the market, and the only one that I’ll let touch my lashes, but with many exciting new high street products in the spotlight, the classic DiorShow Iconic often doesn’t doesn’t get the attention it deserves. However, there’s a new product which joins the DiorShow range at the beauty counter: DiorShow Pump ‘n’ Volume mascara, promising maximum volume and drama, with the DiorShow brush that we know and love.


I’ve used DiorShow Iconic mascara for 10 years now. Every time I’ve been tempted away to try a different brand I’ve ALWAYS lived to regret it and gone straight back to my staple. The short, plastic bristles of the brush give incredible separation and length that, for me, you just can’t get from any other product. When making my regular mascara run to Dior, I couldn’t resist trying the new DiorShow Pump ‘n’ Volume mascara; the brush looks very similar to the Iconic, perhaps with slightly wider-set bristles, and a flexible casing tube (hence the ‘Pump’) that you squeeze to make sure the brush is coated with mascara.


My initial impressions of the Pump ‘n’ Volume were mixed. The length and drama that the mascara gives is unlike any that I’ve ever come across; it really gives a ‘doll-like’ effect with super-long, thick lashes for an ultra-feminine look. Compared to the Iconic, however, lashes are much more clumped so it really depends what kind of look you are going for, those who prefer a more subtle look may not be a huge fan. The Pump ‘n’ Volume is also more difficult to apply, it goes on a lot thicker and wetter, so you have to make sure you don’t move about too much until it has dried, and whilst the thicker application suits the top lashes, it can be quite difficult not to over-coat bottom lashes. In time, I imagine the thicker application will also mean that the mascara runs out quicker, and at £25 a pop, that’s not such a good thing!

Throughout the day the lashes retain their drama and eyes look wider and more open. After a few hours (of being in a rather hot office) I often notice a little smudging underneath the eyes, which I’ve never noticed from the Iconic before, presumably due to the thicker lash coating.


All in all, I’m undecided about whether I’ll swap my beloved Iconic for the DiorShow Pump ‘n’ Volume for good. Whilst I love how the mascara opens my eyes and gives super-feminine length and curls, I think I still prefer the greater separation of the Iconic, which suits my favourite cat-eye look much better, and which stays put for much longer. What do you think of the DiorShow Pump ‘n’ Volume mascara?

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