Get the Look: Dior A/W17 Outer Space

Get the Look: Dior A/W17 Outer Space

I always think there are two Teams when it comes to French fashion – Team Chanel or Team Dior. Those who sit in Team Chanel tend to favour heavy fabrics, boxier shapes, more masculine tailoring; those who are Team Dior tend to favour more feminine shapes, fuller skirts and floatier fabrics. The two are somewhat opposing.

After Chanel had worked tirelessly to free women from the burden of corsets and heavy skirts, the introduction of Christian Dior’s ‘New Look’ in 1956, seemed a step back for women, putting them back in full skirts with a tight, restricted waistline. Ever since, the two houses have stuck to their own identifiable styles and gained themselves scores of fans who pledge their allegiance to one or the other.

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Those who are regular readers of the fashion features on The Scientific Beauty, or who follow me on Instagram, will known that I am FIRMLY in Team Chanel. Yet the past few seasons, even a Chanel devotee like myself couldn’t help but notice the changes happening over in Team Dior, brought on mostly since Maria Grazia Chiuri took to the helm.  All of a sudden, Dior’s usual hyper-femininity feels more edgy and rebellious. Instead of  shackling women back into restrictive, classic shapes, the flowing fabrics that have been appearing are feminine and freeing, with an undeniable streak of feminism (who doesn’t want one of those T-shirts right?).

As a scientist and a fashion addict, I couldn’t help but notice the undeniable space theme which appeared on the aw17 catwalks, most noticeably from both Chanel and Dior. Whilst I was BLOWN AWAY by the Chanel Mission Control show and would happily buy the entire collection, my head was also turned by the subtle space theme that ran through Dior’s collection too. Those teasingly transparent full skirts that have become synonymous with Maria’s new look were this season emblazoned throughout with the phases of the moon and subtle stars. Each look was paired with tailored jackets and of course a beret, giving the whole collection an edgy Parisian feel with a touch of STEM which a scientist like me just couldn’t resist trying.

Untitled design

So when I came across this space and zodiac chiffon dress in Zara, I knew I just had to have it, especially with the Party Season ahead! This outfit, I hope, shows you how to get the Dior look of the season, without breaking the bank. Paired with a Celine-style leather jacket (similar here) and a beret, this dress is perfect for nailing that dressed-up-but-not-too-try-hard-Parisian Style, and will be seeing me through every occasion this season. The dress is pictured here with a long-sleeved jumper underneath, but without this there is a silk slip dress underneath which is just visible through the chiffon, hinting at sexiness whilst remaining classy.



If you’re loving the space trend as much as I am, there are a whole galaxy’s-worth of starry items out there this season, bloew are some more of my favourites to get that Dior look. What are your thoughts on the new Dior looks? And most importantly, are you Team Chanel or Team Dior??

Untitled design

Joanie Clothing Star print blouse

Eclectic Eccentricity Moon Phase necklace

New Look velvet clutch bag

Mango star boots