Why you need a Day and a Night cream, featuring Rivage

Why you need a Day and a Night cream, featuring Rivage

Funding a beauty habit can be expensive and spending double the money on a face cream for the day and then a different one for the night can seem a little pointless. It’s just the same cream in a different bottle right?? Well, no it’s not. I’m a firm believer in having 2 creams as it really can help you to get the best out of your skincare regime and put off those pesky signs of aging for as long as possible. Here’s how, featuring the gorgeous day and night creams from Rivage, each products containing mineral-rich Dead Sea water…


The Day Cream with Rivage Day Cream for Normal Skin (£28.41):

What’s the main difference between the day and the night? The sun, of course. The number one property you should be looking for in a day cream should always be SPF protection. If the sun is out, or even when it’s not, you should be protecting your face from UV rays as UVB rays will cause the classic sunburn but UVA rays can penetrate the skin deeper and cause skin to age faster. Trust me your skin will thank you for it later down the line! The Rivage Day Cream has SPF 15, the perfect rating for being out and about in the UK (more sunny countries may need to reapply more often throughout the day).  It has ingredients which filters both UVB (octyl methoxyxinnamate and octly salicylate) and UVA rays (benzophenone-3) so all bases are covered and all of these ingredients feature in the top 6 ingredients, meaning they are of a high concentration in the product. Rivage have really taken care to think about the formulation here and to maximise protective properties for the user. It is also rich in vitamin E which complements SPF protection perfectly as it has SPF properties itself and can help reduce the amount of free radicals, nasty charged molecules, which form in the skin after sun exposure and break down collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin, causing it to sag. I would always recommend looking for sun protection products which contain vitamin E and it’s wonderful that Rivage have included it in the formulation of their day cream.


The other main difference between the day and the night is that in the day you tend to wear makeup which means that the cream has to be an effective moisturiser but also sit well under a layer of foundation. This all comes down to personal preference; those with dry skin may find they prefer a thicker day cream to avoid dry patches forming in the foundation throughout the day whilst those with oily skin may prefer a light cream that doesn’t make skin feel any more oily. The Rivage Day Cream is for those with normal skin but I would also recommend it for those on the dryer end of the scale too as it is packed full of moisturising ingredients and has a wonderful texture which helps skin to feel hydrated all day, with or without makeup. Those with oily skin, like me, may find the texture a little thick, however I have been wearing this under my makeup for about a month now and have had no problems with makeup sliding off throughout the day – just give it a couple of minutes to sink in before you apply your makeup.


The Night Cream with Rivage Revitalising Night Cream (£31.69):

Essentially everything that you would look for in a day cream is the exact opposite of what you would want in your night cream. When you’re in bed and it’s dark you really don’t need to worry about UV protection. You also don’t need to worry about how it feels under a layer of makeup. It’s a lot more simple to pick a night cream! Perhaps you’re wondering what the point is at all to having a night cream, why not just save yourself the hassle and use the same one anyway? Especially as night creams are often more expensive! You can, of course, and it’s definitely better to apply a day cream at night than no cream! However, you’re missing out on a trick…

As you’re going to be asleep at night you’re not going to be bothered about how the cream feels on your skin. This means that you can really go to town with the oils and moisturising ingredients that you wouldn’t want under your makeup every day, but will help to bring moisture back into the skin while you sleep that you may have lost to the environment throughout the day. There’s nothing better than waking up with super-soft skin! Due to the higher content of moisturising agents and often anti-aging active ingredients, night creams are usually more expensive but well worth the investment. I love the texture of the Rivage Revitalising Night cream, it is very rich yet has a lightness which applies easily and sinks into skin within seconds. I would definitely recommend to anyone of any skin type.


The Rivage Revitalising Night Cream also contains beech bud extract which is known as the ‘everlasting youth tree’. Whilst I couldn’t find much information about the extract, it is clear that it is an excellent moisturising agent, helping skin to draw in and retain water which may help to temporarily plum up the appearance of wrinkles by the time you wake up.

So now you know the science behind we we should be using a day and a night cream in our skincare routines. Have you tried any day and night creams? I’d love to hear your favourites in the comments!

*PR gifted samples