Best Tech Picks from Chanel SS17 Collection

Best Tech Picks from Chanel SS17 Collection

Here on The Scientific Beauty I usually leave my passion for fashion at the door and keep this space purely for beauty science with a hint of PhD life. As the introduction of style pics and fashion into my Instagram feed has boosted my growth massively, I thought I might experiment with introducing a touch of fashion into the blog too, because it’s part of who I am and with me being a Sartorial Scientist and all!

I am hugely passionate about fashion and staying true to my own style despite the trials of working in a laboratory. I avidly rush home from work during the fashion months to catch up on the day’s collections on Vogue and come up with ways that I can make the looks my own. The collection that particularly caught my eye this season was, of course, Chanel’s Data Centre show; a nerd-girl’s dream come true! I have been a lifelong Chanel fan, I look for any excuse to wear one of my two-piece boucle suits (sometimes to the lab!) and my quilted bag is one of my most prized possessions. So where better to kick of my fashion blogging than with my top picks from the Data Centre Chanel Ready-to-wear Spring/Summer 2017 show??

The show took place in the Grand Palais in Paris where the set was laid out like a high-tech server room with coloured wires and lights everywhere driving the Chanel super-computer. The models who opened the show appeared as robots wearing the classic Chanel tweed skirt suit. The spring/summer collection which followed was bright and colourful, classic Chanel pieces mixed with futuristic fabrics and prints, sharp tailoring contrasting with floatier summer dresses in bold printed chiffon. Here are my top picks from the show…

  1. Storm-trooper Chic

I reckon if they made a film which crossed Star Wars with The Devil Wears Prada it would look something like this! Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to look like a cyborg Anna Wintour? And it would surely get the University’s Health and Safety Officer’s seal of approval as adequate personal protection equipment.


2. The Chain Belt

I don’t think the tweed+chain belt combo will ever go out of fashion, especially not when done by Chanel! The pastel pinks of this ensemble will take this classic workwear look from winter to spring.


3. Neon light print

I’m a huge fan of this double-breasted jacket, the neon print reminds me of light sabers and intergalactic laser battles! The futuristic print, combined with the large sunglasses and the jaunty cap (a feature throughout the show), give the feminine 1920’s-style slip dress a super-modern update. And I’ll be placing an order for those glasses on my PhD grant code because they’d make excellent lab safety specs! 😉


4. The Slouchy Suit

I love the soft lines of this trouser suit which looks so comfy whilst being formal enough to wear to work. Definitely gives your workwear wardrobe a modern update and I can’t wait to see if any similar fabrics start appearing on the high street!


5. The LED Chanel Bag

It’s fashion. It’s technology. It’s Chanel. These LED bags in the classic Boy model or the larger clutch bag (for all your tech essentials!) are definitely heading straight to the top of every tech girls’s wishlist next summer. I’m really hoping that the LED displays are programmable to customise your accessories! Better start saving up…



6. Lanyard Jewellery

The bog standard work ID lanyard gets the full Chanel treatment in the form of these embellished pearl necklaces. I thought they worked so well in the Data Centre show, giving the impression that all the Chanel-clad models were tech-savvy members of staff at the coolest technology start-up ever and I just love the idea of a female-only workforce who get issued Chanel-style ID on their first day! Because let’s face it, nothing ruins your work outfit like a gawdy, worn, company-branded lanyard! Let’s hope tech companies take note…


7. Lab Coat Chic

This one’s for the scientists! As soon as I saw this white, Chanel logo coat emerge I was instantly reminded of my trusty lab coat! If only all lab coats could get the Chanel treatment right?? This would definitely give me the motivation to move away from my desk to finish those experiments if I knew I’D be wearing my Chanel coat!


8. The Robot Evening Bag

This little robot bag was definitely the star of the show and I predict that by next summer we’ll be seeing this little guy smiling from A-list shoulders left, right and centre on the red carpets! I love how the Chanel double C’s have been worked into the circuitry of the robot which give a modern and playful feel to the Chanel brand which can often be viewed as quite formal. Again, I’ll be hoping to see robots emerging from the high street accessory departments next year!


So there you have my top tech picks from the Chanel Data Centre show! Did you have any favourite looks? I hope you have enjoyed my first fashion feature on The Scientific Beauty, I’d love to hear any comments! Let’s hope that by next Fashion Week my very own Chanel invite will land on my doorstep 😉

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