Andrew Collinge Customise Your Blonde

Andrew Collinge Customise Your Blonde

I’ve spoken before about how life as laboratory scientist isn’t glamorous, so when an invite dropped into my inbox to be pampered at the Andrew Collinge Manchester city centre salon and test out their new Customise Your Blonde service naturally I jumped at the chance! As a proud blonde (gotta keep breaking the dumb blonde stereotype!) I love keeping my colour in top condition and after my recent Italian escape I felt my hair had gone a little brassy and yellow so I was looking forward to bringing it back down to muted, pastel tones.



The Customise Your Blonde has been developed in collaboration with TIGI Copyright Colour to give each client a personalised colour treatment which suits their needs and lifestyle. After my warm welcome into the Manchester salon I was brought a cup of my favourite peppermint tea and sat down to discuss exactly what I wanted with my stylist Victoria. ‘Classy not brassy’ was my brief; I’ve been struggling with flat, yellow tones since returning from holiday which contrasted quite horribly with the gingery roots I had coming through. I knew that I wanted cooler, ashier blonde tones in my hair to move away from the brassiness, but to avoid major roots I opted to have pastel, coppery tones run throughout the hair too. I hoped this would give me a more elegant colour that wasn’t quite so bold and would bring my look on trend as autumn approaches. Victoria listened carefully, offered advice and we decided that this would be a great option for me; she also suggested more of the ash tones around my face in thinner highlights to bring lightness around the face. This is part of the customised service; the stylists are great at ‘reading’ clients, finding out about their lifestyle and needs and making suggestions based on what they think would work well for each individual person.

After mixing up my personalised colours it was on with the foils. I was in for the full head treatment so the whole process took a while but a thorough colour was just what my hair needed! Around my face the sections were very thin and carefully selected to brighten the hair around my face and make sure it was multi-tonal.

IMG_20160728_182335 (1)

The colour stayed on for around 40 minutes, enough time to relax with some magazines 😉 During the rinse the stylist used a toner, specifically selected to bring out the ashy tones in the hair colour. The toner has to be ‘supervised’ otherwise it can go too far but Victoria had it nailed to perfection! At this point I’m always excited and a little nervous to see the results.

As a chronic hair-straightener my hair usually has damaged, messy ends and a dryer texture due to my mane being super-curly. Though I have desperately been trying to grow my hair I asked for a trim and a tidy-up of my layers because it has been driving me crazy that it looks so messy and uneven all the time. I was pleased that Victoria wasn’t scissor-happy and I’m so much happier now that my hair looks neat at the ends and more full from the layers that have been put in.

Then came the moment of truth; the blow-dry where we would finally get to see my new customised blonde colour. I was ecstatic to see that the colour had turned out exactly the way I had hoped! The blonde tones were more ashy and blended in seamlessly with the darker coppery tones to give a natural, multi-tonal look which overall look more muted and classy, rather than being golden and in-your-face yellow! The blow-dry gave my hair a gorgeous bounce (which I really wish I could learn to recreate myself at home!) and it feels in much better condition despite the all-over colour treatment. Having ‘lived in’ my hair for a few days, styling it myself, I am so happy with the way it looks, the way the highlights around the face blend with my make-up and skin tone and the way the hair looks more healthy thanks to the cut and style.


I would definitely recommend the Andrew Collinge Customise Your Blonde to any blonde wanting a more specific and targeted colour treatment; it can be difficult to get across to your hairdresser exactly how you want your hair to look but the stylists at Andrew Collinge definitely get it right! The team at the Manchester city centre salon treated me like a supermodel and I love my fabulous new hair.