Achieving Dreams and Louboutins

Achieving Dreams and Louboutins

I did it! I finally did it! Those who read my previous post in this series will know that I’ve been lusting over a pair of Louboutin heels since my teenage years, promising myself that with my first paycheck from my first real job I would buy myself a pair. I may still be a PhD student and waiting (desperately!) for that real job but my journey there led me to blogging, now my biggest passion, where I have earned myself the price of a pair growing my blog up from nothing! So to celebrate the completion of my last experiments of my PhD and the fact that I’ve hung my lab coat up for good I went to buy a pair to wear as I take my next steps on the career ladder. Here’s how I got on on the big day…

I live in Manchester city centre so I’m lucky enough that my nearest Louboutin store is a five minute walk away! I got up early to go in when it was quiet and to avoid the afternoon rush. The store is upstairs in Selfridges, where I have visited often (kind of like Holly Golightly with Tiffany & Co!) but it felt amazing to step inside knowing that I was actually going to walk away with my very own pair!


I had already done my research (I am a researcher after all 😉 ) and knew that I wanted a classic black leather pair with either 100 or 120 mm heel. That way they go with everything, I could wear them (occasionally) for work and they will never go out of fashion. The staff were super friendly and happy to help, bringing me a range of styles and heel height in my chosen black kid leather. I thought it was very sweet that they seemed genuinely excited for me, even though they must sell hundreds of pairs to excited ladies every week!


First up was the So Kate model in 120 mm heel. Whoooaaa they were high, even for me! They were like tottering around on your tiptoes, as high as you can possibly stretch. The toe was so pointed that it was very difficult to squeeze my foot in without my toes being all squashed. The stiletto heel was super slim so they felt like I might wobble over at any moment. Gorgeous, yes; but I decided somewhat unwearable.


Next up were the Pigalles in 100 mm heel and I knew instantly that these were the ones for me! The heels was more the size I am used to, the toe not as narrowly pointed and were overall like a dream to wear. They fit like a glove and gliding around the store was a piece of cake. Sold!




Next my chosen Louboutins were boxed up beautifully, the care protocol was explained and then the moment of truth – spending my hard-earned money! They are worth every penny! I had dreamed of that day for years and years and the fact that I could actually go out and buy them, especially since I’ve been having a tough time recently with my PhD and mental health, felt amazing! Maybe this is the end of anxiety and the start of a sassier new me…



Hopefully I’ll be joining a niche group of Women in STEM who will pass their PhD viva in a pair of Louboutins 😉 Never give up on your dreams, if I can do it, you can too!


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