My name is Sophie, I live in Manchester in the UK. I am a Louboutin-loving fashion addict with a PhD in Biochemistry (so yes, that’s Dr Sophie) and write about science for a living in my dream job which lets me travel a lot.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I write about fashion finds and beauty products and prove that being a woman in science isn’t all elbow patches, dingy labs and frizzy hair – we are so much more than the stereotype! I’m also planning my wedding to the love of my life (and fellow scientist) so make sure you’re following on Twitter and Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look into my life as a post-academic, jet-setting bride-to-be!

I love beauty products but it always pains me to see people getting excited about new beauty products and treatments, repeating tag lines from TV adverts with science that simply makes no sense. One of the aims of this blog is to describe the science behind how beauty products work in the hopes that you might stop and question the £200 cream that has been ‘scientifically proven’ to change your life. As a scientist, I’m well-used to reading jargon-filled scientific papers and chemical terms, so I hope to use my knowledge to help you to develop an interest in the science of your skincare and understand what’s what with the chemicals lurking in your bathroom cupboards! You can sign up to receive email updates if you like to keep up to date with the science behind the latest beauty releases.

Please feel free to get in touch via the contact page with any queries or suggestions for beauty products you would like to know more about!



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  1. Alba
    Alba at · Reply

    Me interesa mucho la información científica. Excelente!!!

  2. VCC
    VCC at · Reply

    Found you via Stylish Academics and I have to say, hats off to you. I love fashion as well and I’m currently finishing my Ph.D. In IR. Sometimes I get strange looks because I dress formally. My father would say that t-shirts are for the gym and as pajamas. In any case, congrats on that doctorate and for doing what you love while being yourself. I wish there weren’t so many stereotypes about how academics (from diverse fields) are *supposed* to look like (in my case, haggard and lost, apparently).

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